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Aalaap Studio

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The birth of AALAAP is like a dream come true which has been in my heart since the early age of my college days. Though destiny directed me else where to get involved in family business yet the music notes were always striking in my sub conscious. After waiting for years I have got this opportunity to fulfill that long lasting desire. I am a great admirer and follower of Indian art and culture, specially Indian Classical and cine music and my only endeavor is to nurture the rich heritage of music given to us by great maestros of our country. My efforts may be in small measure, yet the rule says a small start will eventually take you in to your goal. Alaap is the first step towards that effort. Further I foresee gigantic young talent who are striving to get quality tutors , guidance and tech savvy set up to move ahead and present themselves. Considering these basic needs of the budding talent, I am committed to make available the best facilities and provide a strong platform to them. My experience says music is everlasting and life rejuvenating. The only thing is, it has to be aliveĀ  in our heart. Hence, under the umbrella of Aalaap we shall share this experience together.

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